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    Fresh Face: Hotel Trundle

    A unique hotel experience is coming to downtown Columbia in 2018 in the form of several renovated historic buildings where the owners, Rita Patel and Marcus Munse, hope to rewrite the rules on Southern hospitality with Hotel Trundle.


    “Hotel Trundle is a creation that came from a unicorn opportunity,” Rita said. “We want to use this chance to positively contribute to the community by promoting a hospitality to kindness, supporting our local business owners, and inspiring our guests to follow their dreams. Hotel Trundle isn’t a rinse and repeat type of destination, we are unique just like our city. It’s the originality of Columbia that will be a part of everyone’s guest experience… that one of a kind mix that includes our talented artists and artisans, coffee and wine connoisseurs, and foodie savants to name a few.”


    Rita and Marcus, both with degrees in architecture and experience in the hotel industry, were eager to bring an urban retreat to downtown Columbia where guests will be able to appreciate all things local from the reemergence of Main Street to the growing culinary and craft brewery scene. They plan to cultivate experiences for their guests by collaborating with their neighbors.


    “We have an incredible landscape of ‘things to do’ in and around the Main Street District of Columbia. It’s the partnerships with our neighbors that will give us a new level of being able to customize a guest’s stay and experience.”


    With a unicorn their logo and a motto to live joyfully and dream fearlessly, you know that staying at Hotel Trundle is going to be an experience different from any other hotel that you’ve stayed in before.


    “We want our guests to step out of our front doors with the feeling of being valued as an individual, inspired in some way, and most of all, a good night’s sleep.” Rita said. “You know that feeling when you give something to someone and you know they’re going to love it? That kind of happy when you make someone else happy? That’s how I want to feel going home every day.”


    To learn more about Hotel Trundle, visit their website at