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    Hosting for the Holidays

    The holidays are an absolutely wonderful time to gather with family and friends. Are you hosting at your home this year? Here are some tips from the top event planners in Columbia to help you create a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere for your guests!


    Decorate the House & Set the Table
    Meagan Warren of Meagan Warren Weddings


    – I always love incorporating antique decorations throughout the house and on the table that once belonged to my great grandmother for the holidays. We have a set of vintage Christmas gnomes that were heres as well as a ceramic Christmas tree that we found in an antique store in Georgetown. Our tree is filled with ornaments that were once my great-grandparents’, grandparents’, and homemade ones from our daughter.


    – It always starts with fine china, and especially the pattern of the china! You don’t necessarily have to display ‘Christmas china’ for a holiday party. Mix it up with different colors and patterns. Showcase your china, crystal, and sterling silver. Then, add in some greenery from the yard and candles for the centerpieces.


    Add the Flowers
    Cricket Newman of Cricket Newman Designs


    – With all of the other holiday activities, opt for a simple but gorgeous monochromatic palette. Choosing the right vase is half the battle, but a vase that is no taller than 8” is perfect for a dinner table. Gather garden greenery that has been cut to about 12” tall to use as your base. Fill the vase with the greenery and then add blooms that are slightly taller. Combine different flowers of the same color for a super luxe look. Consider using roses, Gerber daisies, alstroemeria Lillies and berries or cones from the garden.


    – Red tones are fabulous for the Christmas holidays and nothing is more festive to start the new year than white. Regardless of the palette, the method is the same. Create your arrangement ahead to allow your flowers time to open up so they will be their prettiest when guests arrive. Add a flower preservative or change the water often so that you can enjoy the blooms for at least a week.


    Welcome Your Guests


    – Make sure that your guests always feel comfortable or have the elements to get that way. Don’t over-warm your house, but have seasonal throws, blankets, and scarves around if someone needs to feel a little warmer and cozier. Even have some gloves, warm socks, and wraps if you and your guests go outside to enjoy a brisk evening around the fire pit.


    – While a lighted fireplace and candles are the perfect inviting ambiance, be careful of too many scented items. Home cooking will fill your home with a beautiful aroma as well, but you don’t want to do too much that may bother a sensitive guest.
    – Have a coffee and snack station already set up as guests arrive so that they can help themselves and don’t have to ask. You can compliment that with a few open bottles of wine as well.


    Happy hosting this holiday season!