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    Fig Fresh Face: Marigold Modern

    Born of a desire to bring things to Columbia that weren’t here previously, owner Louisa Vann opened up Marigold Modern on Devine Street. It’s a unique children’s boutique store that celebrates and represents sustainable craftsmanship and quality from around the world and is the store that Columbia never knew they needed until it was here.
    “I never thought that I would go into retail—I worked in research at the university,” Louisa said. “But when I had my daughter, Winslow, I knew that I needed a shift for what was best for my family. My best friend pointed out to me that we were doing all of our baby shopping online and we were buying things and having them shipped in from all over the country. Why not open a shop in Columbia that offered the unique pieces we were looking for? The idea grew from there.”
    The store carries children’s clothing lines ranging from Rylee & Cru to Petite Lucette and Freshly Picked and only offers a few sizes in each style to help keep the pieces more “one-of-a-kind.” Marigold Modern offers newborn clothing, nursery decor, children’s books, and more in the shop, but more importantly, it offers a sense of community for those who shop there.
    “Opening Marigold Modern has been so rewarding,” Louisa said. “It’s empowering to think about mothers, fathers, grandparents, and all of the people who love children coming into our store to shop for beautiful things. It’s the sense of community that comes from it. People come in here to shop and we end up talking, sharing photos of our children, giving and receiving advice, and it’s just a celebration of motherhood.”
    Louisa was thoughtful with how she planned out the store. From the off-street parking to the ample space inside the store for easily maneuvering strollers and children, it’s a wonderful place for both adults and children to be.
    “We want people to come in with their children, their strollers, their carriers, and be comfortable,” Louisa said. “There’s a couch for new mothers to sit on if they need to nurse their child and we have juice boxes and snacks available for the older kids, too. We wanted to make it as easy as possible to shop here.”
    To learn more about Marigold Modern, visit their website at and their instagram @marigoldmodern.