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    Fig Fresh Face: Parlour 818


    “I always like to put a sparkle and shine on something,” Parlour 818 co-owner Chaz Ellis said. “We wanted to offer an experience that went beyond just the traditional salon.”


    Chaz and co-owner Lex Moore opened up Parlor 818 on Devine Street in April 2018. They chose Devine Street because of all of the boutiques and local stores, plus the visibility and foot traffic that would be by their storefront on a daily basis. When it came to opening up their own businesses, the two were most excited about seeing all of their thoughts, ideas, and plans come to life.


    “Being able to open up Parlour 818 meant that we got to bring together everything that we wanted from the aesthetics to the people,” Lex said. “As for the name, my birthday is August 18th and I’ve always wanted to use ‘eight eighteen’ in a name.”


    The use of ‘parlour’ in the name comes a little bit from Lex’s time living and working in Nashville, and their desire to bring something to Columbia that Columbia didn’t have. Parlour, to them, invoked more of an experience than just going to a salon to get a haircut. They wanted Parlour 818 to be extremely welcoming and to be a place that everyone felt comfortable in. 


    While Parlor 818’s focus is mainly on hair—with everything from haircuts to blowouts, balayage, extensions, and more—they also offer massage and aesthetic services. They want clients to feel like coming to Parlour 818 is more of an experience than just a salon. Clients drive in from all over the state to Parlour 818 and roughly 10-15% of their clients actually come in from out of state from North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. They even have one client who makes the drive all the way from Virginia!


    Chaz and Lex set out to bring something brand new to Columbia and with the opening of Parlour 818, they have succeeded in doing just that. They’ve created an experience that’s unlike anything else in town.

    Learn more about Parlour 818 by visiting their website or checking them out on Instagram.