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    Social Mission: Serve & Connect

    At Fig, we believe in the power of a community that works together to identify needs and find solutions—one that creates connections and is passionate about helping its neighbors. For our 2019 Social Mission partner, we’ve chosen Serve & Connect, an impactful non-profit whose good works contribute immensely to our thriving, local community.


    Serve & Connect has been dedicated to strengthening communities throughout our state by bridging the divide between police officers and the citizens that they serve since their founding in 2015. In four short years, they have made a last impact on our citizens, our police officers, and the communities that we all call home. Serve & Connect believes that it all begins with human nature. It’s human nature to want our families and our communities to be safe and it’s in this common ground that Serve & Connect works to begin shifting mindsets and eliminating misconceptions.


    Using research-informed programs that are designed to develop a new generation of leaders and to help communities adopt realistic goals for effective collaboration, their team focuses on helping drive additional community improvements like community safety, economic development, and general well-being. They, along with community members and officers, are taking small steps to plant seeds of hope for future transformations.


    Serve & Connect wants to build better neighborhoods and develop stronger communities. With Together We Are Better, Serve & Connect hopes to:


    • Serve 30,000 people
    • Serve 7,500 families
    • Provide 10,000 boxes of Greg’s Groceries
    • Impact 23 South Carolina communities
    • Add 6-8 COMPASS Communities


    Help them ignite change this holiday season by supporting their Together We Are Better campaign.



    To infuse positive change in more communities, Serve & Connect has launched a two-year fundraising campaign with an $850,000 goal designed to increase their impact through the delivery of quality programs and services. Gifts can be made online at, by calling 803-760-7617, or by mailing a check to PO Box 6840, Columbia SC 29260


    Pictured: Members of the North Columbia Youth Empowerment Initiative at Richland Library North Main.