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    Plan a Soda City Picnic Day

    It’s the perfect time of year to spend an afternoon outside! Here are four picnic ideas for you to enjoy, complete with locations and what to pack in your basket.

    For the whole family



    Make a fort in your own backyard! Hang up a sheet, borrow or rent a projector, and have a movie night with the whole family! 



    • Glass Cokes & Candies from Mast General Store—A sweet treat and a sweet drink.
    • Hot Dogs from Crave Market—If you didn’t know they had some of the best hot dogs in town, now you do!
    • Cromer’s Popcorn—What’s a movie night without fresh popcorn to snack on?
    • Pint of Ice Cream from Sweet Cream Co.—The best way to end the night is with a pint of handcrafted small batch ice cream.

    For a day date



    Spread out on the USC Horseshoe. During the summer, there’s less traffic from students!



    • Lil’ Duck Kombucha—DYK: There are an abundance of health benefits that come with drinking Kombucha
    • Whig Pimento Cheese From WECO—Pimento Cheese is a staple in the South, and a must for a picnic.
    • Charcuterie box from Gourmet Shop—with meats, cheese, olives, jams. Have Gourmet Shop give you their recommendations—You won’t regret it!
    • Grab a BCBS Blue Bike from Hamilton College—Why walk when you can ride?

    For a brunch with friends



    Plan a picnic along the banks of the river and spread out a blanket to share a meal with friends.



    • Fresh pressed juice from Good Life Cafe—Refreshing, delightful, and good for you!
    • Pastries from Small Sugar—These decadent pastries are absolutely scrumptious.
    • Biscuits from Fat Cat Biscuits—Can’t pick just one? Trust us—You can’t go wrong with whichever biscuit you choose.
    • Pack some flowers for a pretty brunch spread—It isn’t all about the ‘gram, but did the picnic even happen if you didn’t share it?

    Picnic with your pup



    Head out to Lake Murray’s Dreher Island for an afternoon with your best friend.



    • Grab Loveland on your way out—Whether you hit the kiosk or their brick & mortar, grabbing a cup of Loveland to go is a necessity.
    • Grab N’ Go Meal from Tasty As Fit— They make it easy with their prepackaged lunch options.
    • Jams and Crackers from Sakhar Jams— You haven’t had jam until you’ve tried their flavorful small batch ones!
    • Rent a SUP or kayak from river runner—What’s a day on Dreher Island without getting in the water for a little bit?