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    Social Mission: Able South Carolina

    A key component of the Able South Carolina mission is to equip people with disabilities with tools to foster pride and to direct their own lives. There is no better time to begin building that foundation of confidence than at a young age.


    As a person with disabilities approaches the age of 18, the discussion of guardianship will often happen between parents, educators, and medical providers. Guardianship is a legal process that transfers decision-making away from the individual and into the hands of an assigned guardian. Under guardianship, a person with disabilities is restricted from making important decisions about their life including employment, healthcare, voting, marriage, family decisions, and more.


    Since its establishment, Able South Carolina has been a firm believer in the Independent Living philosophy, championing for individuals with disabilities to have the unwavering right to make decisions about their own lives and to take control over the interests, passions, beliefs, and values that mean the most to them.


    In an effort to educate parents, professionals, and young individuals with disabilities about the alternatives to guardianship, Able South Carolina, alongside The Arc of South Carolina, Family Connection of South Carolina, and Disability Rights South Carolina have developed The SC Supported Decision Making Project. Supported Decision Making is recognized as an alternative to legal guardianship in which people with disabilities are allowed to choose “supporters” to assist with different aspects of their lives, and seek help and guidance in the areas needed, while being allowed to thrive and grow independently in other areas.


    Able South Carolina offers several programs, both in person and virtually, that are designed to provide youth
    with disabilities, ages 13-28, with support, guidance, and community. Their Equip program is a peer-to-peer young adult leadership group that encourages exploration and empowerment in their interests and passions and provides a supportive environment to cultivate their own unique voice and self-advocacy.


    Their in-school programs, such as CareerBOOST Capable and Ready! work with students with disabilities as they prepare for life after high school. They offer guidance and assistance with college preparation as well as employment opportunities, so that students are aware of their options and have the confidence needed as they take the next step into adulthood.


    From further education, to employment, family matters, and personal interests, Able South Carolina believes that every individual with a disability should be given the tools, support, and ultimately, the open runway to live the life that they dream of. And every young individual living with a disability should grow up with the belief that they can be and do anything that they desire.


    To learn more about Able South Carolina programs and to donate to their mission visit: