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    Spotlight: #CreatorsWanted Tour at Nephron Nitrile

    South Carolina’s motto, Animis Opibusque Parati, is one that can be easily applied to the work that Nephron Pharmaceuticals and its CEO, Lou Kennedy, do for our community and state.


    The motto means: Prepared in mind and resources.


    Nephron, already well known for their manufacturing capabilities as they produce life-saving inhalation products and sterile pre-filled medications, is a wealth of resources. Soon, they’ll also be opening the doors to their new medical-grade nitrile gloves production facility, which will provide American-made gloves for the healthcare industry to use called Nephron Nitrile. Providing resources is one thing that Nephron does exceptionally well, and under the leadership of Kennedy, the company is also preparing minds for the future of manufacturing.


    Across the U.S., there are over 800,000 positions in the manufacturing industry open and waiting to be filled by the right person. This is on top of another 12.9 million that are currently filled. An abundance of careers and bright futures await those who seek them, and Kennedy is excited to share her passion for manufacturing with young minds in local school districts.


    Nephron celebrated National Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 7th, alongside industry professionals, political leaders, and over 700 students and teachers from 13 local elementary, middle, and high schools with a stop from the Creators Wanted tour.


    The Creators Wanted campaign was started by the National Association of Manufacturers and the Manufacturing Institute, and is a year-round effort designed to inspire and encourage students to seek professions in the manufacturing industry. It showcases not only how exciting and creative the industry is, but it also demonstrates how rewarding the career path can be. The goal is to continue to build a workforce so that manufacturing thrives in our country for generations to come.


    “This industry is not what manufacturing used to be,” said Kennedy. “This is modern tech at its best. It’s powered by the creativity, innovation, and energy that comes along when young people, just like you, bring fresh faces, fresh ideas, and fresh voices to the table. That’s how we change the way business is done in this industry and it is thriving.”


    U.S. House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn headlined this year’s National Manufacturing Day celebration and he shared his excitement for the industry’s future.


    “There is a manufacturing boom taking place all over the country,” said Clyburn. “We have seen the headlines that are with us today. Most recently, what is happening to manufacturing. We in Congress are doing what we can to help—we want to make more things right here in America. There are manufacturing jobs growing by leaps and bounds throughout the country and we are doing what is necessary to make sure South Carolina benefits from all of that.”


    Clyburn, who originally started his career out as a high school teacher in Charleston, has a deep appreciation for teachers and all that they do to prepare the minds of children.


    “We are being challenged to make sure that these young people are prepared in mind and resources, as our second state motto says,” said Clyburn. “I want each and every one of you, as you go throughout your studies, to prepare yourself for whatever your dreams and aspirations might be. Whatever it is, you do your part and do it well. And to the rest of us, let me just say: Let’s do our part to make sure that this great state of ours lives up to its responsibility to fulfill that motto, to prepare these young people in mind and resources. That’s why we’re here today celebrating National Manufacturing Day!”