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    Authentic: Michele Abraham

    Amidst economic uncertainties, the South Carolina Small Business Development Centers (SC SBDC) shines as a beacon of support, providing vast resources for small businesses to thrive, connect, and grow. With 44 years of experience, the SC SBDC continually expands its services, tailoring them to the evolving needs of those they serve. 


    Since 2010, Michele Abraham, State Director, has managed this statewide network of expert advisors who provide business consulting and training to the many entrepreneurs and small businesses across the state. “In all my career, this is definitely the most rewarding experience because we see how many people we help,” she says. The organization adopts a “co-consulting” approach, providing clients access to a vast network of professionals specializing in diverse areas like financial management, marketing, and cybersecurity to help businesses thrive and grow.


    Robust collaboration and strong partnerships are at the core of the SC SBDC’s approach, working closely with state agencies, educational institutions, and chambers of commerce to offer holistic support. “We work with many organizations across the state to ensure we are collectively offering the types of assistance they need,” says Michele. “The SC SBDC works with all types of lenders throughout South Carolina to understand their loan programs and help business owners successfully apply for and obtain financing,” she continues. Resilience and sustainability are top priorities, guiding small businesses in financial management, market research, strategic planning, asset protection, and disaster preparedness.


    In the face of an ever-evolving business landscape, the SC SBDC remains at the forefront of innovation. They integrate emerging technologies to enhance support for small businesses, constantly evaluating and adopting innovative tools. “We have a standing technology committee that meets regularly to identify and evaluate new technologies that we should consider adding to our portfolio. We are also part of America’s SBDCs, a national association that establishes agreements with major suppliers, giving us access to leading-edge tools,” Michele emphasizes. 


    Looking ahead, the SC SBDC envisions being an integral part of the state’s small business ecosystem, fostering growth, innovation, and inclusivity. Committed to serving all small businesses, including women, veterans, minorities, and rural communities, the SC SBDC reflects on its dedication to connection while adding numerous programs and outreach efforts. As a final thought, Michele reaffirms the commitment of the SC SBDC. “We are always looking for ways to get the word out to small businesses about what we do and how we can help them,” Michele ends. 


    Learn more at the SC SBDC here!