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    Social Mission: South Carolina Wildlife Federation

    With the turning of a new calendar year, the quarterly Fig magazine begins again. As the natural world springs to life, South Carolina overflows with budding flora and wildlife awakens across the state. What better time than now to select the South Carolina Wildlife Federation as the focus for this year’s Social Mission? Since 1931, this nonprofit has committed itself to conserving and restoring South Carolina’s wildlife and habitats through education and advocacy. 


    Originally founded by outdoorsmen who wished to preserve the lands and protect wildlife for future generations, the South Carolina Wildlife Federation (SCWF) has now grown to serve South Carolinians all over the state. From a young student who might be interacting with nature for the first time to hikers, birders, and backyard gardeners, the SCWF aims to level the playing field so that all might become inspired by the diverse ecosystems teeming with life across the Palmetto State.


    “We have two arms—our education and our advocacy side,” says Sara Green, Executive Director of SCWF. “We have programs that are designed to connect people with the outdoors to learn about nature, outdoor skills, and getting people of all ages outside.” She continues, “Other educational programs focus on habitat enhancement. That might be creating a pollinator garden in your backyard or at a school.” Programs like the Wildlife And Industry Together (WAIT) programs help corporate landowners learn how to integrate wildlife habitat needs into land management. 

    From advocating for wetland preservation on a national level to protecting wildlife across the state, SCWF is no stranger to the state house. With legislature back in session now, this passionate team is in constant conversation with lawmakers about how bills might impact wildlife. Whether it’s helping tighten up bills that regulate the sale of reptiles and amphibians or incentivizing land conservation for farmers, Sara remarks, “We try to be the connection to nature for everybody and not just one side of the aisle.”


    As spring takes shape across the state, the SCWF staff and volunteers are almost as busy as the flora and fauna this season. “A lot of birds start nesting in the spring. It’s breeding and migration season, so we’ve been getting bird boxes ready. We’re also distributing milkweed seeds for monarch butterflies. We send out 6,000 packets of native milkweed seed packets every year,” Sara says. With outdoor women’s retreats, birding workshops, and the wildly popular Master Naturalist program kicking back up, there’s no one way to get involved. By joining a community cleanup, attending oyster roasts or fundraising dinners, making a tax-deductible donation, or even helping out around the office, you make a direct impact on keeping South Carolina wild. The chances are that, if you find yourself caring about the state’s wildlife and habitat and want to protect it for future generations, there’s a place for you at the South Carolina Wildlife Federation.


    To learn more about SCWF, visit their website at


    Photos by Stephanie DeRyke.