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    A new home for ByFarr Design and Fig!

    The ByFarr team with their amazing group of contractors. (Not pictured from the ByFarr team: Brynley Farr and Andrew Swiger)

    BACK IN 2003 , graphic design was ambiguous—artful and pretty, but not seen as a necessity for a business to succeed. There wasn’t a Facebook or an Instagram, iPhones did not exist yet, and Mac computers were either colorful boxes or a dome with a rotating screen. Graphic design wasn’t a field of study that yielded steady, successful careers. This was the year that ByFarr Design founder and owner, Brynley Farr, graduated high school and decided to major in Graphic Design. There were a lot of skeptics, mostly ones that were worried about her ability to find a job after graduation in her field of study. She worked her way through college waiting tables and discovering how much she enjoyed serving people and making them happy. She also loved creativity and solving problems. Along the way, Brynley heard that to not work a single day in your life, you had to do what you love. She never imagined that simply being kind and handing out business cards in college would lead to where she works today.


    For the past 8 years, ByFarr Design has lived on the corner of Huger and Gervais Streets in the heart of Columbia’s historic Vista District, nestled in a 1000 square foot open-air office. Brynley has worked over the years to surround herself with people far more talented than herself. With lots of hustle, sweat from team members, and support from their clients—ByFarr Design has grown to 8 team members and multiple letterpresses, plus took on the production of Fig Columbia in 2017 and Fig Aiken in 2019. ByFarr has now moved to Sumter Street and a new stage in the business. They have gone from a one-room, open-air concept to having 4 conference rooms, an open-air work environment with an abundance of natural light, a hospitality room complete with a full kitchen, a letterpress print room, and a downstairs area that is altogether 3 times the size of their space in the Vista. The space was designed by Seed Architecture and built by a lot of hands including Edcon General Contractors, Nation Builders, friends, and family. The interior design was carefully chosen and curated by ByFarr Design’s own Senior Designer, Laura Windham.


    Today, ByFarr Design is a thriving design & marketing house that produces work that matters for their clients from here in Columbia, throughout the country, and into Europe. ByFarr Design has a marketing team that designs, copywrites, and produces work like the book that you’re holding right now. They produce customer experiences for their clients—from signage to letterpressed stationery and everything in between. In addition to marketing, the group of designers design intricate wedding invitations, websites, logos, and more. They are a small but mighty team that strives to move mountains and to make a difference in the community that they call home.