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    A Heart for Columbia

    Dear Columbia,

    As I’m writing this—my heart is incredibly full of gratitude.

    I want to first begin by saying that from the bottom of our hearts, we want to offer a big thank you to Blue Cross Blue Shield for partnering with us on this issue. Secondly, this issue wouldn’t be possible without the small businesses of our community committing to our magazine and the belief in our mission to serve Columbia well. Thirdly, thank you to all of the incredible hands that make each issue of Fig magazine possible. When we were brainstorming the theme for our winter issue, we knew that we wanted it to be extraordinarily special for several reasons:


    We need everyone to gift and give locally this holiday season. Our small business community has worked to keep their dreams alive throughout the pandemic and have pivoted to offer a lot of great services like curbside pick up, home delivery, online shopping, and reservations. When I say “alive,” I mean it. Did you know? Small businesses are shuttering their doors across the country in staggering numbers this year—let’s help keep the ones in our community open by showing up for them as they have shown up for us when we needed them throughout the years.


    The event industry has shown such resiliency this year. Everything from conferences to football games and weddings were canceled overnight or postponed to a new date, and each of these professionals has risen to the occasion with every new challenge thrown their way. Hosting an impromptu holiday gathering or planning an upcoming wedding? These industry leaders will make your event as extraordinary as it deserves to be.


    We’ve been feeling it this year, too. On a personal note, this year, everything seemed threatened. I felt so exposed and vulnerable. Real or not, the fear of “what if” began lingering in my mind as last winter came to a close… what if I have to lay off a team member or five? What if someone in my family or I test positive for COVID? What if our clients go out of business? What if?


    In my desk, I have a reminder of my why that gives me reason and purpose to go 110% every single day. Since I was little, I have been obsessed with making books and in the 4th grade, a dream came true for me. My friend’s uncle worked at a printing company in Michigan, and after we wrote him a letter, something came in the mail to us in a manilla envelope: 2 pieces of paper with roses foiled on it. One for each of us. I knew from that moment that I wanted my life to be filled with creating, with printing, and with paper and I’m fortunate enough to be able to do just that every day. I’m especially grateful for the people that work alongside me and for the people that do business with us. Our small business dream is alive.


    We—our team, our small business community, and the people you find within the pages of this issue—poured our hearts into this issue knowing that businesses everywhere are pouring every ounce of their energy into theirs to keep their dreams going. Our hearts are here for Columbia, which is why we foiled a beautiful heart onto our cover. We want a reminder each time we see this issue that our hearts are here for Columbia. Will you join us this winter as we keep the heartbeat of our city—our local businesses and their dreams—alive?



    [Hair: Process Salon Makeup: POUT Dress: Copper Penny. Photo Above image: SC State Museum]