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    Owner & Creative Director of ByFarr

    Brynley Farr

    ByFarr owner Brynley Farr is a native sandlapper raised in rural SC. As a child she was obsessed with creating- blank paper became books, shoeboxes became robots and pantyhose eggs became snow globes so "work" is her dream. Brynley loves the process of research and design; most of her work begins as coffee-stained sketches and comes to life through collaboration with the outstanding team.

    A Heart for Columbia

    It’s a season full of love—from giving gifts to your loved ones to gathering and celebrating your love with friends and family—and we couldn’t do it without the extraordinary local small businesses in our community. Turn the pages to meet these businesses that have put their hearts into everything that they have done this year to bring happiness, joy, and laughter to our lives.

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    All local. All the time.

    Show your love for South Carolina, and for the hope and resiliency of our community with our Dum Spiro Spero t-shirts, stickers, and letterpressed cards and prints. Wear your shirt with pride, place your vinyl sticker on the door to your business, and put your sticker in a spot that you’ll see it every day. It’s our reminder to you that Columbia will be back, stronger than ever, because of the strength of our community.

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    A Note from Fig

    Today, our Dum Spiro Spero issue of Fig Columbia hits mailboxes across the region, and I want our beautiful community to know that we had no idea that the theme of our summer issue—“Hope”—would be so relevant during the recent developments of the #icantbreathe and #blacklivesmatter movements.

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