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    Spotlight: The Coaching Kiva

    House ready? Shopping done? Now where do you find yourself some perspective and self-healing? If you feel stuck in your personal, professional, and emotional life due to repeating patterns that prevent the start of something new or that full-circle moment in life, meet your new professional source of all-around advice. As a Ph.D. of Depth Psychology, instructor, and author with over 30 years of coaching experience, The Coaching Kiva (aka Dr. Lateefah Wielenga) can help you reconnect with your voice and find breakthrough answers to start building a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

    Although Dr. Wielenga lived in Columbia over ten years ago, she recently decided to make it her permanent residence again in the aftermath of the global pandemic. “I came back to Columbia because I love it here,” said Lateefah. “It feels like home.” Originally from Cedar Rapids, IA, educational and professional opportunities have also previously taken her to California, where she worked as a part-time professor and an executive director at a nonprofit before beginning her work as a psychotherapist. When her clients began to request coaching, she then found a new call as a Transformational Life Coach with The Coaching Kiva.

    “A Kiva is ‘a large chamber, often wholly or partially underground, in a Pueblo Indian village, used for religious ceremonies and other purposes,’” Dr. Wielenga explains. “At The Coaching Kiva, we go deep and take the time to make the unconscious conscious. If you want to see changes in your life, you must be willing to honestly look at yourself. That can be a challenge. You’ll experience lifelong shifts if you decide to do the work.”

    If letting go, realizing your strength, and working on yourself sound like your idea of a smart way forward, schedule a free consultation with The Coaching Kiva today. With a qualified coach by your side, creating an incredible relationship and a joyful life fueled by knowledge, self-acceptance, and action are no longer beyond your grasp.