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    Winter Social Mission: Congaree Riverkeeper

    Throughout the year, we have highlighted the work done by our Social Mission partner for 2021 to keep the Broad, Lower Saluda, and Congaree rivers healthy and our waters clean. As a small-but-mighty nonprofit organization led by Bill Stangler in conjunction with a board of directors and a team of volunteers, Congaree Riverkeeper needs your support to keep watching over our waterways. Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to ensure they can continue to protect our most treasured natural resource.

    If you don’t engage with the river watchdog of the Midlands yet, the first steps to contribute to their mission are signing up for their e-newsletter, following them on social media, and taking action when they ask. “Of the things people can do to help, I think the most impactful are to keep informed and be attentive,” says Bill. “We want people to be engaged in river issues, watching out for our calls to action and being vocal advocates when we need them. And we always need more eyes (and noses) on and around the water letting us know about issues.”

    Ready for the next step? River and stream clean-ups are their most common volunteer activities. By signing up to get your feet wet in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, you can help to steer the Midlands’ rivers clear from trash and debris, giving Bill’s team the bandwidth they need to build legal cases and work on more complex policy issues outside the water. Armed with awareness about our river levels and water quality, as well as detailed information from Riverkeeper’s reports and updates, you can additionally call and email our legislators, submit comments on policy decisions, and advocate for our rivers at public meetings, committees, and hearings.

    If volunteering time to serve Congaree’s cause is not an option for you at present, a monetary donation also makes it possible for them to continue their nonprofit work in our community at a time when public funding and sponsorship opportunities are still curtailed. Whether on a one-time or recurrent basis, your gift ensures that our rivers will remain the pristine resource we rely on for recreation and drinking water. In the end, the health of our rivers affects us all.

    Learn more about Congaree Riverkeeper, the work that they do for the rivers that
    flow through the Midlands, and how you can help to foster their mission by visiting or by following them on social media (@congareeriverkeeper).