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    Columbia’s Tastemakers

    Does your ideal dinner out include a stop along Main Street for drinks on a rooftop bar before dining at a Cajun-Creole restaurant in the shadow of the South Carolina State House? Or are you looking for a farm-to-table experience followed by an early evening at a local craft brewery?

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    Fig Authentic: TEC Grills

    Located just a few miles from the heart of downtown Columbia sits the main office and plant for Thermal Engineering Corporation, also known as TEC. Founded in the 1960s, by William “Bill” Best, TEC has been pushing the boundaries of infrared heating technologies ever since.

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    Giving Back: Able South Carolina

    At Able South Carolina, the term “independent living” represents more than just a collection of services they provide their members, or “consumers,” it is a foundation for who they are, how they live, and the philosophy they use to teach and empower those in our local community living with disabilities.

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    On the Move

    There’s a different energy around Columbia—can you feel it? The sun is rising on a new season and with it comes warmer temperatures, extended daylight hours, vibrantly green leaves on the trees, and bold blooms popping up out of the ground.

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    Spring Social Mission: Able South Carolina

    Each year, Fig Columbia partners with an organization that makes our surrounding community a better place to live. For 2022 we are proud to support and share the mission of Able South Carolina...

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    Fig Authentic: Dr. Aditi Bussells

    With a PhD in public health from the University of South Carolina, a deep passion for the people and local businesses of our community, and a desire to see Columbia continue to be a thriving place for families to call home, Dr. Aditi Bussells was already serving our town well through her work as a public health researcher.

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    Winter Social Mission: Congaree Riverkeeper

    Throughout the year, we have highlighted the work done by our Social Mission partner for 2021 to keep the Broad, Lower Saluda, and Congaree rivers healthy and our waters clean...

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    Fig Authentic: Caitlin Bright

    Since 2011, the role of Tapp’s Outpost (formerly Tapp’s Arts Center) in Columbia’s arts ecosystem has been to nurture emerging and under-represented artists in our community...

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    Better Together: Ben Lippen Fine Arts

    Learn more about Ben Lippen’s mission and how they help their students succeed.

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    Mission: Home Works of America

    Home Works of America is a Christ-centered non-profit organization providing home repair services to low-income homeowners while mentoring and disciplining youth in the process

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    See Van Gogh

    Experience artist Vincent van Gogh and those who inspired his work at the Columbia Museum of Art.

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    Freeway: The Best Way to Learn Music!

    Have you always been interested in learning the ins and outs of music? Freeway Music is here to help!

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