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    A commitment to giving back

    Blazon owners, Chris and Jenn Stanford, have lived their lives and modeled their business after wise words shared with them from their mentors: “It’s always about the people. Always. And while you must make a profit to give back, it is the impact on others that should be the guiding light.”


    At Blazon, Chris and Jenn put their team first and along with their team, they have continually looked for ways to give back to their community. This has been their way of life for years, and they never imagined that one day it would be their family that would be impacted by the generosity of others. In August 2021, Chris and Jenn’s oldest son, Julian, was involved in a car accident that severely damaged his spine and changed the Stanford family’s life forever. The family immediately felt the love, support, and care from their community and beyond as friends, new and old, stepped up to be a resource of light and hope.


    Today, one of the many ways that the Stanford family and Blazon give back to the community is through raising awareness about spinal injuries and donating funds to research to improve recovery. There is no cure and this type of life altering injury has a high impact on individuals and families. It has deeply affected their son’s life, and both Chris and Jenn are passionate about the research to improve the lives of those affected by spinal injuries.


    Learn more about spinal cord research and how your donation can make an impact by visiting

    Visit  for screenprinting, embroidery, promo items, and more.