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    Giving Back: Able South Carolina

    At Able South Carolina, the term “independent living” represents more than just a collection of services they provide their members, or “consumers,” it is a foundation for who they are, how they live, and the philosophy they use to teach and empower those in our local community living with disabilities.


    The independent living philosophy is simple, it is the idea that people with disabilities are the best experts on their own needs. While simple in theory, individuals with disabilities are often facing physical and invisible guardrails that may keep them from achieving this approach to life immediately on their own. These roadblocks to independent living can come in the form of parental guardianship or difficulty finding employment. They can also include communication barriers or a lack of confidence in making their own decisions. That is where the team of Independent Living Specialists at Able South Carolina can help consumers by providing the resources, knowledge, and tools needed as they craft their own unique life journey.


    These specialists work one-on-one with consumers to identify and create goals for independence and the road maps for achieving them. This array of services includes assistance with employment, housing search, household management, organizational skills, budgeting, and more. Able SC can also assist people with disabilities with living where they choose and maintaining their independence in the community. They can help consumers navigate a move from any environment, including institutions. Dori Tempio, Director of Community Outreach and Consumer Rights, shared with us her biggest takeaway from the independent living philosophy:


    “Being a part of the disability community has shown me that we all have power and control over the goals we want to achieve and the dreams we want to accomplish. We just have to find the tools that work best for us! Independent living doesn’t mean doing everything yourself, it means building a support system and being in the driver’s seat for the goals that are important to you. Everyone needs support and building a strong support system truly makes a difference, especially when it is your peers with and without disabilities!”


    In addition to the array of daily life skills, Able South Carolina also provides peer support groups and mentoring as well as advocacy and outreach opportunities so that we can continue to work together and share the all-important message that independence is for everyone.


    To learn more about the incredible impact that Able South Carolina has had in the state of South Carolina and nationally visit,