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    Spring Social Mission: Able South Carolina

    Each year, Fig Columbia partners with an organization that makes our surrounding community a better place to live. For 2022 we are proud to support and share the mission of Able South Carolina, a Center for Independent Living that provides resources, support, and empowerment for people living with disabilities.


    Able South Carolina stands to break down any misconception that people living with disabilities are incapable of leading fully independent, successful, and enriched lives. Their mission is centered on the belief that individuals with disabilities have the right to guide and direct their own lives. And they don’t just serve their mission on the behalf of others, more than half of their staff members and board of directors are living with disabilities.


    With an array of transitional living services, employment programs, and peer empowerment groups, Able South Carolina has not only created a community of support, they have also led the charge to be at the forefront of disability activism and leadership, both in South Carolina and across the national stage. They work closely with local governments and policy makers to promote equal opportunities and access for all members of our community.


    President and CEO, Kimberly Tissot has spent almost 12 years of her career with Able South Carolina, driving forward the message of independence and acceptance for all.


    “With one in three individuals across South Carolina having a disability, our work directly impacts you, your family, or someone you are close with,” Kimberly said.


    Her career has been one of service, mentorship, and activism, and includes the leadership efforts behind several progressive statewide initiatives in South Carolina.


    “Our work addresses the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities from achieving their dreams,” Kimberly said. “Whether this is for equity and inclusion in their school, in their workplace, or in their community, we seek to challenge the stereotypes that often create barriers for individuals with disabilities.”


    To learn more about Able South Carolina programs and volunteer opportunities offered within your community, visit able-sc.orgYou can also follow their social media platforms for the latest news and updates! (@able_sc)