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    Authentic: Beach Loveland

    For Beach Loveland, owner of Loveland Coffee, it has always been about more than simply brewing and pouring an excellent cup of coffee. It’s about building community and going the extra mile to have the training and the experience to bring the best coffee to the Midlands. Loveland Coffee started as a kiosk, added a roastery, opened up a brick and mortar location, and most recently, they celebrated 10 years of serving their loyal customer base.


    “My favorite part of the journey so far is seeing the fruit from 10 years of hard work and sacrifice,” said Beach. “I love seeing the community come together and being able to be a venue that serves them with love and acceptance. I have, also, greatly enjoyed seeing our staff grow in their passions and gifting. Our business has truly grown into something bigger than we could have hoped or imagined.”


    Beach and his wife, Jessica, have poured their creativity, talent, and time into developing Loveland Coffee into what it is today. A large portion of that has been continuously pursuing knowledge about coffee beans, where they come from, and the roasting process. His desire to provide the best product to his customers lead Beach to go all in and earn his SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Roasting Certification. He traveled to San Francisco to study at Boot Coffee Campus and trained in areas such as learning the history of coffee, thermodynamics in coffee roasting, sensory analysis, roastery management, roast profiling, and green coffee analysis, to name a few.


    Every coffee bean brewed at Loveland Coffee has been hand selected and roasted under Beach’s guidance. The knowledge of how to do that came from traveling the world.


    “It is so rewarding having control of the whole roasting process, ensuring that it is of the highest quality and fits our customers’ needs,” said Beach. “We have been able to develop longterm relationships with farms from various parts of the world, ensuring their sustainability and consistent offerings. We were even able to visit many of the farms in Guatemala to see first hand the growing process and meet the farmers. Once we secure desired specialty grade coffees, we create roast profiles that highlight the coffee’s unique qualities.  Having our own roaster also gives us the ability to wholesale to other businesses around town, which supports other stores and coffee businesses, strengthening our community even more.”


    Many have wondered how Loveland Coffee came to reside in Irmo. The answer is simple: Beach, Jessica, and the Loveland Coffee team believe in Irmo. It’s where Beach and Jessica grew up and where they are raising their family. Prior to Loveland Coffee, Irmo lacked a communal meeting space where everyone was welcomed. Beach and Jessica dreamed of filling that void and their café space has become just that. From live music and trivia nights to classes like yoga and journaling, and even large-scale events, Loveland Coffee is now a place where people come together.


    “Since opening our cafe in 2020, the Irmo community has shown up strong for us,” said Beach. “We look forward to serving them and Columbia for many years to come.”


    Loveland Coffee has been a proud member of 1% for the Planet since 2019, donating an equivalent of 1% of their sales to make a positive impact on the planet.