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    Farmers with Heart

    Across the Midlands this summer, passionate farmers are working hard to provide us with the very best that our soil and sunshine can offer. From small neighborhood pick-up programs to national brands with homegrown roots, the yields of our farm scene are as vast as they are diverse. With local farmers leading the way for sustainable techniques, the contributions made by the farmers who feed us in the Midlands are a tremendous source of pride for any South Carolinian. 


    “Our family has a deep connection to the land. Boosting local economies and farms takes effort on the consumer’s part. Raising our animals on the land is what makes the most of what our pasture has to offer.”

    –Amanda Jones, Doko Farm | @doko_farm


    “Small farmers farm with heart and soul. Your food is picked that day and the flavor is different when it’s fresh. People are starting to realize there’s more out there.” 

    –Greg Jackson, Greenleaf Farms


    “Locally-harvested flowers are harvested within days—no flying on an airplane from another continent or the west coast. Their seasonality displays the true essence of floral beauty—the ability to tell a story of time and place.”

    –Brinton Fox, Boone Fox Farm | @boonefoxfarm

    “Farmers in South Carolina are much more collaborative today. Buying local farm products is always helpful, and visiting local farms for agritourism events and volunteering is also very important to keep small farms going.”

    –Joshua Fabel, Fable Farms | @fabelfarmssc


    “Knowing where your food comes from bridges the gap between farm to table. Agriculture is an industry that provides and our farmers are constantly looking to develop and adopt new practices that promote environmental stewardship.” 

    –Christine Jackson, WP Rawl | @naturesgreens


    “Our two acres feeds hundreds of people each year and it’s amazing to be a part of their lives by providing them with healthy, organic produce each week. We want to work with the soil and the planet, not against it.” 

    –Jason Roland, Organically Roland | @organicallyroland


    For a complete list of farmers markets in your county, CSA programs, and more, visit

    To visit local farms and see where our food comes from during this year’s Ag + Art Tour, visit for more information.