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    Let the Showers Bring the Flowers

    We are the roots that keep our community thriving and strong, through the sunshine and the rain.

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    Authentic: Morihiko Nakahara

    Morihiko Nakahara doesn't remember when or how he first learned to read music. It could've been in kindergarten, as music class was a required subject in his native city of Kagoshima Perfecture, Japan.

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    Experience Columbia

    Mark your calendars as we break down some our community’s must-attend events throughout the year!

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    Authentic: Josh Cox

    There is a remarkable moment that happens when we uncover a true passion that is destined to make an impact in our lives and the lives of others.

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    Authentic: Ija Monet

    "I like working large," Ija said. "The bigger the project, the better. Murals, busses, it doesn't matter to me."

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    City of Art

    There are an abundance of theatre productions, live music performances, and art displays for all to enjoy. Dive into the variety of fantastic ways to appreciate the coming of autumn here in our Capital City!

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    Listen Closely…

    Everybody’s got a story about the first concert that they ever went to, and around Columbia, you’ll often find that those stories include a local band or artist and a hidden hole-in-the-wall venue that you’d only know about if you were a local...

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    Fig Authentic: Caitlin Bright

    Since 2011, the role of Tapp’s Outpost (formerly Tapp’s Arts Center) in Columbia’s arts ecosystem has been to nurture emerging and under-represented artists in our community...

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    Thank you to our Small Business Champion!

    This book would not have been possible without our small business champion—BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina.

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    Fall Social Mission: Congaree Riverkeeper

    Trahern Cook, also known as Easel Cathedral, has mastered the art of plein-air paintings like few other local artists...

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    Authentic: Alex English

    Making an impact on our community and its future: Alex English

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    Authentic: Kim Jamieson

    Sharing her love of Columbia throughout our state and beyond: Kim Jamieson

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